Shamsun Nahar Runa

  • LecturerDepartment of Physics

Contact Info:

  • 01743192505
  • Govt .H.S.S college, Magura

Govt .ID- 0023859
BCS Batch- 31th
Date of Birth- 05-04-1983
Blood Group- B+ve
Educational Qualification – M.Sc in Physics, National University.

I am Shamsun Nahar Runa, lecturer,Department of Physics .I was born in Faridpur and graduated Govt Rajendra college, Faridpur.Before, I finished university I worked at Govt primary school.After working at a Govt primary school which I realized how important is teaching to very young learners,
which is the most successful model primary school in Faridpur.Then, I passed B.C.S examination and join Govt college.Through 31th B.C.S first I joined as a Lecturer in Naria Govt College,Shoriatpur on 15/01/2013. I transferred Naria Govt College,Shoriatpur from to Govt H.S.S college, ,Magura on 29-11-2013.To gain employment as a college Physics teacher and continue my professional growth as an educator at one of the country’s most exceptional educational institutions and to encourage ,inspire students to achieve their highest potential through a solid and well-rounded education.The effective lesson plans and appropriate teaching materials are the key to engage the learners in the learning process activity and motive them.I like cooking,reading,writing short stories for pleasure.Walking in my free time and searching on the net to develop myself.I think that although we are teachers,we also go learning everyday and the life itself consists of life-long learning and the desire to learn.
Thanks to all.