About Department

The Department of Physics is one of the oldest department with honours course of this college since 1996.  This Department design theoretical courses and sessional to equip undergraduate students to develop the basic scientific skills so they may succeed in modern society. The Department has a strong commitment to both teaching and fundamental excellence within its funding limitation. At present, the Department of Physics of Govt. H. S. S College, five teachers are working here along with one office assistant. Among the teachers two are associate professor, two are lecturer and another one is demonstrator. B.Sc.(honours), Degree, and M.Sc. classes students are learning from this Department. Inspire of students they have go one day educational tour through this Department and we want to continue this program regularly. The Department has a reputation for outstanding teaching and student’s management. All members are qualified and working sincerely.


The Department of Physics of Govt. H. S. S College, Magura will be recognized the distinction of its faculty, the pioneering research we and our students perform and the excellence of education provided to all of our students.


We serve our students is an excellence learning environment and through engagement in which we share our skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with diverse communities beyond the college. To provide the highest quality education to the students and to provide direction to our students for career development, also gain our no of students.

Head of the Department of Physics

Md. Ruhul Amin

Professor and Head of the Department

Teachers of Departments of Physics